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Update on FB’s content control April 21, 2011

Posted by cbackman in övervakning, social media, Uncategorized.

FB have turned around and claim that the picture of the two men kissing was removed ‘in error’ (previous post here). A good sum of what have happened can be found here.

I’m still curios to what it is that becomes a violation to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. The question of what can be posted on a website does of course not only relate to the policy of private companies and organisation. It is also a matter of the legal regulation in the country in question. This week in Sweden a member of the National Democrats (Sverige Demokraterna) was convicted of slandered because of a comment that he had approved and published on his site. The ruling has been somewhat controversial since someone else than the author is held responsible. The appeal curt argues that since comments need to be approved before published on the site, the man has actively and intentionally decided to make the comment public and can thereby be held responsible for slander.

Nevertheless, private companies like FB need to interpret the legal regulation, turn it into a policy for their users and then decided on what count as a violation and what might be a criminal offence. I will continue to think of a good research design – not least since they may have to be able to adjust to different legislation in different countries, remember the Italian YouTube-case. And as Christof pointed out in a comment to the first post on this issue: if there can be ethnographic studies of covert policing it shouldn’t be impossible to study social media!



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